Quick Tip – Encrypt Oracle PBCS password using epm automate encrypt command

Epm Automate provides an encrypt command to encrypt Oracle PBCS password used in epm automate batch files. This can be very handy when using parameters files containing Oracle PBCS passwords. The syntax of the ‘encrypt’ command is: epmautomate encrypt password key <password file> Double click on the epmautomate.bat file found in C:\Oracle\EPM Automate\bin directory to start epm automate. At the command prompt you can type in epmautomate encrypt help to see information regarding the command. … Read More

Quick Tip – Launching Financial Reporting Web Studio from Oracle PBCS

Financial Reporting Web Studio is now available on Oracle PBCS Test Instances. This will be released on Production instances 2 weeks from now. Launch the Financial Reporting Web Studio from Oracle PBCS Workspace by navigating to Tools->Launch Reporting Web Studio. Please note that per Oracle release document, currently only a Service Administrator can save new report designs using this release of the Financial Reporting Web Studio.