Planning Member Formula Editor does not work after applying PSU

We applied Planning PSU to fix a SmartView bug we had encountered during development. PSU did not resolve the issue, however we also noticed that after applying PSU the Planning Formula editor did not work. The page was stuck at the message ‘Loading Member Formula Editor..’ Planning was rolled back to PSU so that the Planning member formula editor can be used.  We were using Internet Explore 9, however looks like … Read More

Access Control Report in Oracle EPM Shared Services returns a 403 Forbidden error

I usually run access control reports for Planning application through Shared Services by right clicking the planning application and selecting ‘Access Control Report’. However on a recent EPM project working on version when I attempted to run the report, I got a Error 403 Forbidden error. More research led me to Doc ID 2039157.1 on Oracle Support. The access control report feature in Shared Services has been discontinued from EPM v You will … Read More

Maximum number of rows exceeded errror in Smartview

When using Smartview on Essbase, you may get a maximum number of rows exceeded error specifying a number for the rows exceeded. This number is the one specified in the Oracle Provider Services maximum number of rows setting. The default setting is 5000 rows. When the Smartview query result exceeds 5000 rows (or the number specified in the Provider Services settings) , you get an error which looks like: Essbase Error (1020011): Maximum number of … Read More

Form Formula in Planning displays as #No ACCESS in Smartview for a non-admin user

On a recent Planning implementation we encountered an issue where a formula in a Planning form displayed #No Access in Smartview when accessed by non-admin users. When we logged in as an admin, the formula worked fine. The same formula displayed correctly when accessed through the Planning web. Planning Patch Set Update (PSU): did not resolve this issue either. We raised an SR with Oracle and after a few development iterations; Oracle confirmed … Read More

How to fix Calc Manager Business Rule error: Business Rule execution time has exceeded the maximum configured wait time. Business Rule will now be executed in the background.

By default, Business rules wait until 3 minutes (180000 milliseconds) before moving the execution to the background. When the wait time threshold is reached the user gets the following warning/error message: Business Rule execution time has exceeded the maximum configured wait time. Business Rule will now be executed in the background. To check Business Rule execution status, open the Job Console Page. This is inconvenient especially when users do not get to know if a … Read More

Oracle PBCS Automation Using EPM Automate and File Transfer Utility EPMCopy.exe

Oracle PBCS offers two utilities for automating tasks for PBCS. EPM Automate utility is used for uploading data or metadata files to the PBCS inbox folder, loading data to PBCS and refreshing the planning database. The File Transfer Utility EPMCopy.exe is more geared towards uploading a file to data management, running data management rules etc. The following sections describe each utility in detail. This post assumes the reader is familiar with the data load requirements … Read More

New Features in Upcoming Oracle PBCS August Release v15.08

Given below are brief details of some of the new features/updates in Oracle Budgeting and Planning Cloud Service Oracle PBCS August Release v15.08 Announcements: New Financial Reporting Studio Release v You would need to uninstall the current version and then install the new release. New Version of EPM Automate Utility – This version supports password encryption and file uploads to Data Management folders. New SmartView Version Release v Support for Internet Explorer in … Read More

Getting started with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service – Oracle PBCS

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (Oracle PBCS) is Oracle’s cloud offering for financial planning and budgeting. This post gives an overview of the cloud service covering access, application creation, mobile interface, data management, automation options and service management. Accessing Oracle PBCS Oracle PBCS subscription offers two environments; Test and Production. Each environment has a dedicated URL to access Workspace. When you access Oracle PBCS Workspace, you get a login screen with a field to … Read More