Planning Bug Alert: Data form column resizing does not work in Planning v11. when the columns contain more than one dimension.

Data form column resizing (using any of the options available) does not work in Planning v11. where data forms have more than one dimension in the columns. The width resets to the default value even after the column widths have been updated. This affects the form when opened in Workspace and Smartview. Oracle has identified this as a known bug and expected to be fixed in v11. Please note: The column does resize to ‘fit … Read More

Maximum number of rows exceeded errror in Smartview

When using Smartview on Essbase, you may get a maximum number of rows exceeded error specifying a number for the rows exceeded. This number is the one specified in the Oracle Provider Services maximum number of rows setting. The default setting is 5000 rows. When the Smartview query result exceeds 5000 rows (or the number specified in the Provider Services settings) , you get an error which looks like: Essbase Error (1020011): Maximum number of … Read More

Form Formula in Planning displays as #No ACCESS in Smartview for a non-admin user

On a recent Planning implementation we encountered an issue where a formula in a Planning form displayed #No Access in Smartview when accessed by non-admin users. When we logged in as an admin, the formula worked fine. The same formula displayed correctly when accessed through the Planning web. Planning Patch Set Update (PSU): did not resolve this issue either. We raised an SR with Oracle and after a few development iterations; Oracle confirmed … Read More

Smartview netRetryCount and netRetryInterval error

When querying databases with high dimensionality using Smartview, users may get the Smartview netRetryCount and netRetryInterval error. The exact text of the error is “The request timed out. Contact your administrator to increase netRetryCount and netRetryInterval” Smartview uses Internet Explorer query and time out settings for connections. Some queries take longer to execute and hence get a time out error. You need to update Internet Explorer registry settings to increase the time out thresholds. The … Read More