Essbase ASO dimension build limit & Outline Compaction

There is a maximum number of times you can add and delete dimensions in an ASO cube. Each dimension added is tagged with a dimension ID that increments and reaches the ASO dimension build limit. Once you reach this limit, you get errors. For e.g.

ESSBASE ASO Error:  “1060190 Cannot Add Dimension – too many dimensions have been created and deleted”.

EPMA-ASO Error: Error. Failed to deploy Essbase cube. Caused by: Cannot end stream build. Essbase Error(1007083): Dimension build failed. Error code [1060190]. Check the server log file and the dimension build error file for possible additional info.

There is no way to reset the dim build counter and the workaround was to drop and recreate the app.  EAS->Compact outline did not work either.

However, if you compact and restructure the outline using ESSCMDQ, it resets the counter. We tested this and we were able to successfully deploy the app after getting the deployment error (We had an EPMA app)

You can download ESSCMDQ from Oracle. This also has a link to the install instructions.

You can create a maxl file to run this with the below contents. In the maxl file, replace the “app” and “db” with your app name and db name.

Login “localhost” “admin” “password” ;
Select “app” “db” ;
Openotl “2” 1 “app” “db” “db” “y” “y” 1 ;
Writeotl 1 “2” 1 “app” “db” “db” ;
Restructotl 1 ;
CloseOtl 1 ;
Unlockobj 1 “app” “db” “db” ;
LogOut ;

I recently used this on a EPMA-ASO app that we were facing an issue with. Everytime the app was deployed, the outline size increased. Once the outline size reached around 50MB we could not deploy it further. We ran the above MaxL and saw that the outline size reduced to 2MB and we were then able to deploy the application. Perhaps we can use this as a preventive maintenance and run this on a schedule.

Here is the doc id from the Oracle Support:

Error Trying to Deploy an ASO Essbase Database “1060190 Cannot Add Dimension — too many dimensions have been created and deleted” (Doc ID 1323833.1)

5 thoughts on “Essbase ASO dimension build limit & Outline Compaction

  1. My understanding is that Oracle put a stop to using Esscmdq with their latest release. We just upgraded to and our esscmdq compaction process no longer works. Oracle confirmed this and said to recreate the database from a stub outline to reset the counter. Ugh!

    • Hi Russ,

      Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I wonder why Oracle would cease to support ESSCMQ. We now need to factor in additional automation in using a stub outline to fix this issue or use any other workaround. This is good info to know for all those who are in the process of moving up to I will run the ESSCMDQ process on a test lab with as well and see if there is any workaround to that.


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